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September 1, 2011
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Serog Ssklikta Marauder by Jepray Serog Ssklikta Marauder by Jepray
A frigate-class marauder of the reptilian Serog race, known for their swarm-fleets, and dark rituals. The Serog worship gigantic spider-like beasts on their homeworld as the living avatars of the Devourer, a brutal deity of their pantheon who must be placated with living offerings of food constantly, or turn his hunger towards the Serog. Thus, they send out swarms of ships to capture anything and everything sentient they can find to offer up as unlucky victims to the horrors they venerate. Thankfully, they are not as advanced technologically as the Terran sphere or her allies, but they make up for a lack of quality with massive quantity.

more info to come...
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VikeKing Featured By Owner Sep 7, 2011  Hobbyist General Artist
dude that ship is seriously cool!! great work :D
Jepray Featured By Owner Sep 7, 2011  Professional Traditional Artist
Thank you very much:D
GermanPete Featured By Owner Sep 5, 2011  Hobbyist Photographer
And judging by the looks of this they also use "statistical accuracy" - fire often enough and somethings gonna hit a vital spot. Damn many turrets on that ship! Oh, wait, it also got a triplet of massive spine weapons... I was just starting to wonder if they solely relied on smaller armament :P
Breandan-OCiarrai Featured By Owner Sep 6, 2011  Professional Writer
The Serog embody the concept of quantity being a quality all its own :D

...seriously, they send THOUSANDS of these ships out in raiding parties to bring back victims and loot, and have absolutely no problem taking 60%+ casualties. Their weapon loadout follows a similar principal :D
Jepray Featured By Owner Sep 6, 2011  Professional Traditional Artist
:D thanks:D yeah, its covered in an assortment of weapon systems and a main spinal mount
screenscan Featured By Owner Sep 3, 2011   Interface Designer
could you please just stop for say three years or so?!
so that i can keep up with you getting better every picture!!!!!!!

Jepray Featured By Owner Sep 3, 2011  Professional Traditional Artist
Sorry, no can do. Your just gonna have to hustle.
screenscan Featured By Owner Sep 3, 2011   Interface Designer
[im gonna have to design some mayor jumpship with extreme range heavy large lasers to blast you off the planet then]
(because your option just causes stress, which i totally dislike; im so lazy and slooooooooooowwwwww. plus i dont want my heart to explode ;) )
Jepray Featured By Owner Sep 4, 2011  Professional Traditional Artist
Just doodle and doodle and soon it becomes a drawing and so on and so forth. Feel the burn, no reward with no effort. and i run starships using Anti-proton weaponry and grav engines, lasers will do nothing to me:D
screenscan Featured By Owner Sep 9, 2011   Interface Designer
[since from now on you suck ( ;) ) i just send a scientist into the future to figure out a weapon which has the blast of a fusionbomb with an autodetection for artificial gravitational defense weaponary. the autodetection will then trigger the implemented singularity which will paralyze your frigging grav defenses.
and we will see who doodling then!!]

and yeah, you are right of course, but i dont have/take the time so you never heared it from me, that youre right! >/

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