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May 25, 2011
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Namaran "Ryas N'Dal" Carrier by Jepray Namaran "Ryas N'Dal" Carrier by Jepray
In the wake of the successful repulsion of the Khurian invasion, the Namaran were left with hundreds of Khurian ships, thousands of vehicles, and tens of thousands of weapons. Having possessed technology comparable to mid-21st century Terra prior to the invasion, the reverse-engineering of Khurian technology gave them a massive technological leap forward. While still not as advanced as Terran tech, nor really Khurian tech, for that matter, it was a major boon to the lithe race’s efforts to defend themselves.
Consummate artists and craftsmen, the Namaran managed to easily reverse-engineer the Khurian technology to its base. This gave them energy weapons to replace their indigenous projectiles, advanced fusion engines to replace their simplistic ion drives, jump engines that allowed them to spread out among the stars, and new hull construction concepts and technologies. Rather than outright copy the Khurian vessels, the Namaran used the technological advances as a guideline to build their own indigenous designs based around their architectural concepts and combat ideologies.
The Namaran are physically weaker than Galactic Average, and smaller, being comparable in size and strength to a Human in their early-to-mid teens. However, they have agility that Humans could only dream about. The clumsiest Namaran can still put the best Human gymnasts to shame, and their hand-eye coordination is unmatched. Human pilots have to use direct neural interface systems to equal what the Namaran can do manually. Thus, they are extremely reliant on smaller, faster, more agile craft such as fighters and corvettes. To facilitate this into an effective combat platform, the Ryas N’Dal-class combat carrier was developed.
The Namaran had limited experience with spaceships prior to the Khurian invasion, and thus based their vessels on indigenous sea-going ships of their planet-bound navies. It is no accident that the Ryas N’Dal resembles an aquatic ship more than a starship, for it was based loosely off of a naval carrier design that had served the warring tribes well in their internal disputes. Not bound to two-dimensional thinking, however, the Namaran added flight decks on the port and starboard sides of the hull, and dropship and shuttle deployment bays on the ventral side. Using magnetic catapults to bring the fighters up to combat speed before they leave the ship- thus reducing the chance that they will be shot down while launching- the Ryas N’Dal can field its entire compliment of fighters in under ninety seconds.
The Ryas N’Dal carriers were the vanguard of the Namaran defense fleet when the Kraegarym invaded years after the Khurians had been force out. Unlike the slaver Khurians, however, the Kraegarym were not lacking in technology and were extremely well-versed and capable in warfare. Most of the carriers were wiped out in their initial onslaught. The Namaran fighters fared far better, however, as the Kraegarym were virtually incapable of shooting them down. Without their carriers, the fighters fought until they had exhausted all of their ordnance and then dive-bombed prime targets like kamikazes during the second World War on Terra.
A dozen Ryas N’Dal carriers survived the invasion, and have become something akin to flagships of the Namaran navy. As the new leadership of the Namaran Darchi have opened up trade relations with the Dunbaren Trade Federation, the Teek, and the Terrans, more advanced tech has made its way into their industries. As a result, a newer generation of ships are coming into being that are nearly as advanced as those of Terra and her allies. The Ryas N’Dal carriers have since become an antiquated symbol of the Namaran rise into the stars.

Copyright 2009-2011 Dark Nova Games
This artwork and any image based off of it is the exclusive property of Dark Nova Games. All rights reserved. Any other use of these artwork images, without the expressed written consent of Dark Nova Games, is strictly prohibited. This image is copyright protected by United States and International Law.
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CNR4806 Featured By Owner Apr 8, 2013
I like how you actually managed to justify the ship looking like a naval ship. The design itself makes sense under that premise too.

=========Opinion-only technology babble below, you can safely ignore it if you don't like it=========

I'm not too keen on catapults in space myself. Unlike seaborne carriers which modern naval aircraft actually requires the catapult to take off, spacecraft has no such problem, and thus the only use for catapults is to increase the initial velocity of the launched craft, and that is at the trade off of being unable to launch a massive wave of craft at once. They are also space-consuming, as shown in the Ryas N'Dal-class where they occupied a rather unpleasant percentage of the ship's surface.

But then again, even if the trade off is not worth it, your "not experienced with spaceship" justification still covered it all, so the design is logical either way.
Jepray Featured By Owner Apr 8, 2013  Professional Traditional Artist
yeah, i understand that the carrier cats end up sucking up tons of real estate space on that hull. I understand that in space you really do not need cats, just drop the fighters out a side and your done... but yes, the real reason is to get the fighters up to speed faster then they could under their own power, and get them out of the way for the next wing of fighters to launch. having just a few launch tubes and cycling fighters into them like the other ships in DN would save space on the hull, and in it. But yes, they are still new to the area of spaceship construction, and have yet the tech level to internalize the parts needed to enclose the whole operation and fit it into the hull at the same time... so like a Pre-WW2 carrier, this one wastes a lot of space... Thanks for the comments
hotwaxonlobsters Featured By Owner Jul 1, 2011
Very cool. Studded with weaponry and clearly capable of launching several waves of attack craft. Curious, are those some kind of bay doors on the bow? What are they for?
Jepray Featured By Owner Jul 1, 2011  Professional Traditional Artist
The plates at the bow are Namaran Hydrogen extraction plates, like buzzard ram scoops on the enterpise, it pulls hydrogen from space to feed the reactors... you'll notice the same kind of plates on all the smaller Namaran craft.:D
Mrkirby2 Featured By Owner Jun 10, 2011  Student Traditional Artist
Aha! In space, there is no up or down!

There is only possiblicties!

I was a little confused with the yellow gates at first, then i realized what they were for lol
Jepray Featured By Owner Jun 10, 2011  Professional Traditional Artist
yup, Yellow holographic runways:D
Xperimental00 Featured By Owner May 30, 2011  Hobbyist General Artist
Cool, lots of room for catapults. Very space efficient indeed. :)
Jepray Featured By Owner May 31, 2011  Professional Traditional Artist
Thank you very much!:D
Xperimental00 Featured By Owner May 31, 2011  Hobbyist General Artist
NP. :)
Yushimarukun Featured By Owner May 29, 2011  Hobbyist Traditional Artist
nice! really cool =D

i'm still amazed about your drawing and coloring techniques they're absolutely marvellous !

I tried that but i failed lol :p keep up the good work!
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