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September 15, 2010
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Khurian destroyer by Jepray Khurian destroyer by Jepray
The Khurian Empire is one of three known parallel-evolved human species, and as such is prone to the squirrely aspects common to all human societies. Khurians are known for being duplicitous, conniving, and mercurial in their loyalties, and are representative of humanity’s darker side. An empire based on might-makes-right ethics, they are known as black marketers, pirates, thieves, slavers, mercenaries, and assassins. Because they are human, and can pass for Terran unless thoroughly scanned, they are often used as espionage agents within the Terran Alliance.
Technologically the Khurians are substantially behind the Terrans, the most advanced indigenous technology being comparable to early 23rd century Terra. As a result, industrial espionage and technological theft is the most popular pastime for the power elite within the Empire. Acquiring new technology puts their clans ahead of others in both wealth and prestige- and in a society where wealth and prestige buys power, and power is everything, that is a substantial edge- spurring their opponents to do likewise at all costs.
Not all of the races the Khurians steal from or raid for slaves sit idly by, however, and the Empire has overreached more than once in recent history. After being soundly repelled and bloodied by the technologically-inferior Namaran, and losing huge swaths of their territory to either the Ahruga liberating them or the Kraegarym conquering them, many of the smaller, weaker races have been fighting back. To counter this increasing threat to their power, the elites of the Empire have- under direct decree of the Emperor- set aside their squabbles long enough to compile their collective technologies to produce new warships.
While still quite inferior to the navies of the nations of Terra, these new ships are more than a match for weaker races. One of the first of these produced was the Za’adur-class destroyer. Like most navies, smaller capital ships such as destroyers and frigates make up the bulk of the Khurian fleet, and are usually the first vessels produced in a technological renovation as a result. The Za’adur-class have been mass-produced and fielded on the edges of Khurian space to defend their borders.
The heaviest weapons the Za’adur-class carries are three spinal mounts- two heavy MAC cannons on either side of a heavy PPC. These weapons are comparable to similar weapons from older Terran warships- largely because the designs were stolen from the NAU- though with a slower rate of fire. Six dual heavy PPC turrets- four dorsal and two ventral- give substantial directional firepower. Eight medium PPC turrets flank either side of the Za’adur, and eight medium particle beam cannons protect the flying bridge. Two six-shot SSM launchers and 20 point defense turrets round out the primary weapon systems.
The engines and jump drives of the Za’adur are top-notch for the Khurians, but antiquated and inefficient by Terran standards. Four single-core gravitic engines are fed by two hydrogen ramscoops, with four much smaller ramscoops collecting hydrogen for the weapon systems. All of these are exposed and easily disabled by accurate shots, which should prompt the Khurians to protect them with armoured cowlings. However, to date no such innovations have been initiated.
The armour plating of the Za’adur is a composite of layered carbon composites and turine plating. Shields are based on stolen designs and- while weaker than the original Skree designs- are still quite capable, with a rapid refresh rate. Thus far, the largest engagement of Terran-based technology and the Khurian Imperial navy was between the mercenary firm PMSC and the defense fleet of the H’Ordala system, resulting in a total loss of all Khurian capital ships and only damage to the mercenary warships. All twelve Za’adur-class ships were annihilated in that battle.

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Hey, you want inspiration to create more battleships? Check out the link in my recent journal!
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Couldn't be bothered reading the whole story, but the pic is awesome!
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thanks, but when you have time, the write up is well thought out...
jakaljones Featured By Owner Sep 16, 2010  Student Traditional Artist
Read it, hellz yeah it's well thought out. Awesome story.
Breandan-OCiarrai Featured By Owner Sep 16, 2010  Professional Writer
The battle referenced was actually done in the role-playing game while playtesting... total wipe for the Khurians :D
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Nice work here!
you planning on entering the EVE contest? You'd be excellent competition!
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